Day One, Again.

Hey Everyone, It's Ryan.

Back in 2015, when the sun was shining and rainbows were made from lemon drops, I had done a bunch of work around a little project I was calling GamerLink. It was something resembling a dating app for video game players, but without all the... you know... dating part.

When I was living alone in Brooklyn, I found myself without a clue as to how to approach people and talk about video games, and suss out wether or not they may be interested in playing games together. It's strange to me that while games as a medium is bigger than ever, it continues to have a stigma for adults in some parts of our culture.

I wanted to change all of that, so I made a bunch of mock ups and shopped it around to every developer friend I could find, even my own brother. It eventually landed on the website where I got only semi-serious pitches from people who were interested in it over the past three years.

Recently I was approached by a developer on Twitter by the name of Sergio Cinos, a front-end developer looking for a fun side project with a passion for games. We hit it off and decided to restart this project. Now Sergio and I will be giving GamerLink a go together, and keeping as much of the development as we can open for all to see as a sort of chronicle of our journey together building this product. I hope it's something that one day someone like you can use to find a great, compatible co-op partner, a keen, evenly matched PvP rival, or even just a friend you log on with to have long chats, and share your hobby with.

Below, I'm sharing all of the old work, so you have some idea of where we're going. Sergio and I will be streaming as much of the new work as we can. Enjoy, and thanks for stopping by.

- Q

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